• Provide a highly skilled, volunteer, bush land search and rescue service for the general community, and in particular, the bushwalking and outdoors communities.
  • Utilise the skills, knowledge and remote area experience of our members drawn from bushwalking clubs and the outdoor industry.
  • Work together with, and assist, the NSW Police Service and other Emergency Services as required.
  • Be recognised as the most suitable, capable and experienced group for remote area land search and rescue.
  • Promote modern bush land search and rescue skills through membership of the NSW Volunteer Rescue Association Inc (VRA) and liaison with other rescue and emergency services.  (To this end we run the Emergency Services Wilderness Navigation Shield – NavShield).
  • Provide a comprehensive training program to complement the skills of bushwalkers.
  • Promote social interaction within the membership of BWRS through a range of formal and informal activities.
  • Actively encourage safety in outdoors activities.