VH-MDX Search Information

Documentation of BWRS Searches

Note we have done many more searches than this and have many more records than this but I fear much has been lost. This is what I have found:

Date BWRS Mission Report General BWRS Reports Other
October 2011 Mission Summary Summary Report WICEN Report
October 2010 Mission Summary Summary Report
October 2009 Mission Summary Summary Report
October 2008 Summary Report
October 2006 Summary Report
March 2004 Report Operational Orders
October 2003 Team 1 Report
December 1994 List of personnel attending
April 1982 Search and Rescue Programme
August 1981
(Original Callout)
Search Report Incident Report

Some Additional Search Records

These areas were searched by Glenn Horrocks as part of a search team over many years. I do not know where the official squad records of these searches has got to, so all I have is my personal records of the areas we searched.

Map Date(s) Searched Area Searched/Walked (Click to download)
Barrington Tops 1:25000 1st Edition (AGD66 Datum) 2004?
Carrabolla 1:25000 1st Edition (AGD66 Datum) 2005?
Chichester 1:25000 1st Edition (AGD66 Datum) 1993?
Chichester 1:25000 1st Edition (AGD66 Datum) 1999 and 2003