VH-MDX: Analysis 2013

Glenn Horrocks’ VH-MDX Simulations

To view the results of the simulations you need Google Earth installed (or some other package which reads Google kml files). Then you can load the results of the simulations for:

When you load these files you will probably want to hide the “Stochastic Points”. I include these for debugging and testing – it represents every 1000 simulated position but just tends to clog the screen up in the final version.

If you feel really brave then you can run the program itself. You will need python V2.7 (NOT V3! You need V2.7), along with the following python modules installed:

Once that is installed and working, here are the python programmes to run it. Put them all in the directory you are going to run from:

Super-Fast C++ Version of the Stochastic Simulator

My brother (Peter Horrocks) has rewritten the python simulator in C++. This makes it super-fast – simulations which take 12 hours in the python version take 17 seconds on this version! It is new and still a bit buggy. But we are working on it, it will be fixed soon. To run it unzip the files in a directory and run the .exe. It will output the results as a .kml file with the probabilities marked as shaded grid boxes.

Plane Sailing (5MB download)