We are currently on the look out for enthusiastic and dedicated people to join the Squad.

Joining the Squad is a great opportunity to meet new people, be involved in your Community, receive great training, build your skills and visit new areas.

We are a diverse group of outdoors people and you should be able to find your niche in one of the following three key areas:

Field Operations

  • Trainee
  • Team Member
  • Team Leader

This area makes up the core of our membership.  If you are an experienced bushwalker, who would like to take part in search operations, we would love to hear from you.

Minimum experience level:

  • have completed at least 6 overnight bushwalks in the past 3 years, one of which must be at least 3 days duration.
  • At least one of these walks must involve a significant amount of off track walking.

Base Operations

Whilst our Field members are out in the bush during a search, there is a small team of people leading our Squad from the Search Base Location.  Roles include:

  • Search Managers
  • Search Base Assistants
  • Radio technicians and operators
  • Logistics and Drivers

If you have skills in the use of OziExplorer and GPS, HF and UHF radio networks, administration, communications or 4WD experience, but may not have the necessary fitness or experience to join our Field Members, this could be a great way to get involved with the Squad.

These roles may suit experienced bushwalkers who have retired from active walking, but who hold a lifetime of walking knowledge of particular areas and experience with particular passes and routes.  This knowledge could prove invaluable  in the planning and strategy of a search.

Non-Field Operations

The squad has a need for people with other skills such as:

  • trainers
  • administration
  • fundraisers/grants & proposal writing
  • marketers/PR/media
  • web skills

While these people do not attend a search, they are highly valued members and their work is essential for the operation of the squad.

These roles are ideal for people who are less active bushwalkers with some experience in these other skills.

Who can join BSAR?  What are the members like?

Our members are generally very fit and active in the outdoors. Many members come from the bushwalking clubs or the Outdoor Recreation Industry.

The bulk of the membership is aged 20 to 40 with a number of experienced old-timers still active. Everyone is encouraged to participate and achieve to the maximum of their ability.

Squad members must be at least 18 years of age.

The success of BSAR is due to the quality of the people involved, and we are always looking for skilled new members. If you have any of the above skills and are interested in becoming a part of a vital community service, please contact us.

We encourage you to join a bushwalking club (if you do not already belong to one) to gain experience in off track walking, navigation skills and general bush fitness. A list of clubs associated to Bushwalking NSW can be found here.

Time off work for week day callouts

Most Public Service awards have provisions for Emergency Services leave and work with BSAR should qualify for this. Some private companies offer emergency services leave but most are happy to grant it even if it is not in the award or employment contract, provided it is discussed and agreed in advance.  The squad can help you discuss this matter with your manager if required.

Proof of attendance at an emergency services operation can be supplied by the squad.  These forms are usually authorised by the Police officer in charge of the operation.