How to Apply

Great news!

We are always on the look out for enthusiastic, dedicated people who are wanting to put their skills to good use in the Community. If this is you, please read on.


STEP ONE – Self Assessment

At BSAR we are serious about what we do.  We give of our time for the community and are not involved for personal gain.  Please consider carefully your motivation for wanting to join the Squad. Understand that we are not a bushwalking club (if you want this please visit Also, as a professional volunteer organisation there are minimum time contributions required of members each year and all members must be happy to work within the structures and processes necessary to be involved in search and rescue operations.

Carefully review the How to Join information and identify the role in which you can best serve the Squad.  If you want to be involved in Field Operations, please take special note of the minimum experience criteria.


STEP TWO – Email us

Please send an email to requesting information on how to join.  In this email, please tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to hear about us. eg. if you’re a member of a Club, a bit about your experience and how you would like to get involved.


STEP THREE – Our Response

Our Squad Secretary will respond to your email within 7 days with further information. Subject to this, you will be sent an application and assessment form.

STEP FOUR – Assessment

Your application is then assessed and pending the outcome of this, you will be invited to attend an Induction Weekend Walk.


STEP FIVE – Induction Weekend Walk

These weekends are designed to demonstrate some of the terrain and experiences that may be faced during a wilderness search. During this time, training is provided on the background of the Squad and operational structures.


STEP SIX – Induction & Further training

Upon your invitation to attend the Induction Weekend Walk, you will be given contact details for the Training representative. It’s now all up to you to be proactive, find out what further training you can undertake and put your hand up to get involved in the Squad.  There’s lots of ways to help out!



We’d love to hear from you!